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Lyndsay King – Community Director at

On-Demand Shopping for Your Local Community

One of the best parts of being an independent retailer is the personal connection with your customers With that personalised customer experience, whether it's in store or through on-demand delivery, you can get to know your customers and their preferences and create a...

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Small Business Grants and How They Work

Getting your business off the ground can be very difficult financially, but help is at hand! is providing small business grants to help local businesses get off the ground. These grants are a helping hand...

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How Retailers Manage Accounts

One of the most important aspects of running a business is to manage accounts accurately in a time-effective manner With a proper system, you can track when your team is working; you can track your team's hours and make sure...

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Tips on Managing Your Team Effectively

Managing your team can be a time consuming and demanding process, whether you use pen and paper, excel or a diary system - the work day can be unpredictable and there may be last minute changes within staff. Edwards Simpkins...

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Hiring Staff: What to Look for

The first point of contact your customers have is your staff, and the impression your staff give is crucial to the customer's experience. Having the right team will make day to day business run smoothly and will generate...

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The Busiest Business Hours Across the World

Every shopkeeper knows their own busiest business hours, but what about everyone else? It's natural to be curious about little things like which times of day are busiest for other retailers. Well fortunately, iZettle, a company that handles payment tech for...

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Brothers in Business

Toff’s is North London’s finest fish and chip shop, with customers queuing out the door almost every night. The shop is very successful, but the management might seem a little split - you see, the two gentleman debating the company's future and day-to-day workings are...

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Lessons from Independents: The Arancini Brothers

Independent retailers have a lot to teach each other and a lot to learn from one another. Here, David Arkin of Arancini Brothers, an independent, organic street-food retailer, is sharing some of what he's learnt from growing his business into a budding independent...

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Card Payments: Things You Should Know

Every business needs to be able to handle card payments. Shoppers these days tend to prefer paying by card and many have stopped carrying cash completely. In this video from xln, Ade and Sofia, both experts in card payment technology, are sharing their knowledge on...

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What Makes a Customer Loyal?

There are lots of different things you can do as a independent retailer to keep a customer loyal, one of the tricks that our retailers tell us is to know them as a person - not just a customer. We spoke to Ana Rodriguez and...

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Going Above and Beyond For Your Customer

If you want a customer to remember you, you have to consider their experience from the moment they step into your store to the moment they leave. As a independent retailer with unique products, you have an advantage of...

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Making Your Brand Individual

Your company brand is your identity, it represents you and your story and that's what connects with the customer, adding that extra personal touch. We spoke to Andy Logan, Irena Lane and Ana Rodriguez and about their brand...

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