An industry-wide movement for a stronger high street.

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It is free to join and we can all play a role.

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Retailer Advisory Board

The Retailer Advisory Board formed to identify and evaluate opportunities, recommendations and challenges facing independent local businesses across the UK today.

Connected Digital High Street Manifesto is a coordinated industry-wide movement to support and empower every local shopkeeper nationwide, accelerating the whole high street’s transition to a better connected, digitally enabled and more sustainable high street.

Better connected digital high street

We must find ways to merge the strengths of local and digital commerce.

Thriving for generations to come

Where local shopkeepers focus on expanding and less on fighting for survival.

Act now and create a brighter future

The more of us who join, the stronger we all become. We can all play a role. featured in the press

“These are challenging times for independent retailers. It is heartening and promising to see that these conversations are taking place and that groups, organisations and individuals are collaborating to secure a future for independent boutiques both on line and on the high street.”

Dan Rigby


“As the owner of Beauty World, our business is based on our customers first, and then the unique stocks we carry. When I started this business with my Uncle I thought “Ok I will give it a try” Afro Beauty, Hair Extensions? I had a lot to learn and once I did I fell in love with this industry.”

Mr. Saeed


“…​people love walking into a store and having that personal connection and service aspect of shopping, looking at and touching products in a real way. Virtual is good, real is better”

Irena Lane


“40 Colori supports because they are working for something that affects loads of small family businesses. Thank you  for working to keep small businesses around and growing.”

Cassandre Rank


Partners from across the industry
An industry movement for a stronger high street. It is free to join and we can all play a role.
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